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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


The RTD reports this morning that the Gubernatorial debate drew surprisingly strong ratings sunday night, pulling in about 84,000 viewers.

This is good news for the GOP as those who tuned in saw Kilgore hold his own and heard question after question focusing on issues, like the death penalty, taxes and illegal immigration, that favor Kilgore. As I have said, Kilgore's performance was by no means flawless. He looked extremely uncomfortable in front of the camera, but he was not blown away by Kaine like some Democrats predicted. Further, Kaine's advantage in debate skills may be minimized as a result of this quirk.

In any case, the best result of the debate is that the Republican base throughout the Commonwealth has been energized and is now ready to take it to the streets for the final four weeks. We must continue to work hard to turn out our voters to the polls on November 8. A "clean sweep" is entirely possible, but it will take effort by folks at every level of the party. I know that our leaders will step up to the challenge, the rest is up to us.


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