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Friday, October 21, 2005

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

If there is anyone who thinks domestic violence isn't really a big problem, I wish they could have been with me recently as I observed an assault and battery case involving a teenager being beaten by the father of her two children. There are few things more vile to me than men who beat up women. My heart goes out especially for the children, who will have little to no chance to escape the hurricane that engulfs their young lives.

I was impressed four years ago when Jerry Kilgore made combating domestic violence a key issue in his campaign for Attorney General. Now as a candidate for Governor, Kilgore is continuing his commitment to protecting women by locking up violent abusers. Kilgore has proposed mandatory jail time for domestic abusers who violate protective orders. These violent relationships are a threat to the fabric of our society, and I applaud Kilgore for his long-standing efforts to reduce its impact on our communities.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow - you guys should get involved in that HoD race in the 42nd district. Dave Albo tried in 2004 to make it less of a crime for a parent to molest their own child. It's quite frankly disgusting.

1:30 PM

Anonymous Tugboat Phil said...

I was about to retire from the Navy and thought I'd seen it all. One morning my 18 yr old female deck hand came in to work with the side of her face, one massive bruise. I was very fortunate that my leading deck hand (also a female) knew exactly who to call and where to take her. I wanted to find the guy and smash his face in. Luckily for both of us, the scumbag had skipped the state after stealing the money she had saved to go on Christmas leave.

These low lifes are not worthy of the title "predator." They are chicken s**t pansies that feel big by beating women and kids. I also know that they were usually treated that way as kids, but the cycle has to stop somewhere. Instead of mandatory sentences, how about punishment fitting the crime. If that were the case, that woman in SF would be floating in the bay right now, the woman in Houston would be motionless on the bottom of her bathtub, and Teddy Kennedy would be locked in a submerged 68 Oldsmobile.

7:29 PM


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