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Monday, October 17, 2005

Creigh Deeds Discovers Gang Crime

Last week, Democrat Attorney General candidate Creigh Deeds introduced his proposal to deal with Virginia's growing gang problem. Deeds' plan includes a "three-strikes-you're-out" rule for gang related crime, and automatic deportation for illegal immigrants involved in gang crime.

Republican Bob McDonnell responded immediately to Deed's proposal, saying that Deeds has no credibility on gang issues after doing nothing to combat gangs during 14 years in the General Assembly. McDonnell accused Deeds of being a late-comer to these issues and said he was merely trying to bolster his crime-fighting credentials.

Today, McDonnell got an assist from one of Deeds' colleagues, State Sen. Mark Obenshain. Obenshain stated that he had done more to fight gangs in his two years in the State Senate than Deeds has done in 14. Ouch.

For the record, McDonnell has been endorsed by both the Fraternal Order of Police and the Virginia Police Benevolent Association.


Anonymous The Hornet said...

The handsome young man sports a military uniform standing in front of a military helicopter. Next, with the stern look of a former prosecutor we see him standing in a jail surrounded by police officers. The overlying voice of the campaign ad says he is tough on crime and that he is a good family man who will protect us from vicious criminals.

The ad invites you to believe Bob McDonnell is the type of model citizen we would want as Virginia’s next Attorney General. Yet, like the candidate himself, the ad is a slick well-produced showpiece.

In 1996, McDonnell sponsored legislation to make it a serious crime for candidates to make false charges during a campaign. Three years later his campaign manager admitted that McDonnell’s campaign had made false charges against an opponent.[1] That “Do what I say, not what I do” standard is nothing short of hypocrisy. It is not a character trait worthy of any statewide candidate.

Yet, the most damning part of this sad episode is the subsequent downfall of McDonnell’s campaign manager. Was he fired because he told the truth about making false charges during the campaign? Surprisingly the answer is no. The campaign manager, Robin W. Vanderwall, was later caught-up in a Virginia Beach Police Internet sting. He was arrested and subsequently convicted of attempted indecent liberties with children.[2]

My father taught me that men are judged by the company they keep. Does this make Bob McDonnell a child molester? No it doesn’t, however, it does call into question his ability to protect our children from sexual predators when he can’t even keep such people out of the hierarchy of one of his campaigns.

Now then, it would appear that it’s not such a good week when you look below the very thin veneer of a cleverly produced campaign ad.

[1] Roanoke Times, 1/11/96 & Virginia Pilot, 1/14/03
[2] Virginia Pilot, 11/24/03 and 2/8/04 & Richmond Times Dispatch, 1/21/03

8:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mark Obenshain is handing out assists huh? I swear Obenshain is one the least substantial voices in political commentary. He's probably just upset that Mark Warner sounds more like his father than he ever will.

9:31 PM

Anonymous ruralnotstupid said...

You've got to be kidding.
Sen. Obenshaine coming to the rescue of Bob McDonnell is hardly worth note. It's about as surprising as it would be if a member of Democracy for America jumped to defend Byrne.

Lets at least keep the discussion interesting.

9:37 PM

Anonymous Rural Not Stupid said...

Sorry for 2 posts but what the hornet said just caught my attention. How ridiculous is it for Sen. Obenshaine and Bob McDonnell to criticize Sen. Deeds about not doing enough to stop gang violence, and claim that Bob will best be able to stop sexual predators when he is putting bread on the table of a sexual predator and child molestor. If McDonnell really wants to be tough on sexual predators and child molestors I think the first logical step would be to stop hiring them!

11:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again, Rural and Stupid comes to the rescue...

If you weren't stupid, you'd be able to spell "Obenshain" and you might know something of the legacy of that line.

I wonder if McDonnell's former campaign manager is on the ballot?

I wonder if that dirtball would have served as much time as he did after McDonnell worked as the chief patron for truth-in-sentencing and parole abolition?

I wonder if Deeds has EVER been not only the CHIEF, but even a CO-patron of such a meaningful bill with regards to "getting tough on crime"?

I wonder if he'd have had a better prison stay if Deed's "Happy Criminal Commission" had been around to help, after all, it was Charlottesville Liberal Creigh "The Hook" Deeds who formed the "let's listen to inmates, their families, and their attorneys so that we might make their sentences more pleasurable" commission.

I mean, NAME ONE BILL that Deeds came up with to make things tougher on criminals...


Megan's Law??? Nope.

That was Jay O'Brien's bill, twice over, and STOLEN by Deeds after the Dems (and Deeds) killed it TWICE.

I'm waiting...

As for McDonnell...

Truth in Sentencing...
Parole Abolition...
Juv. Justice Reform...
DUI Reform...

Deeds talks a good game...

What's his contribution? Supporting a moritorium on the Death penalty?

He has no commitment to cracking down on gangs, much less crime in general. If he does, he's done nothing to prove it in FOURTEEN YEARS, EXCEPT for occasionally falling asleep on the floor of the senate.

At least while sleeping, Deeds can't stick his foot in his mouth.

At least I don't think he can.

1:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deeds ever "sport a military uniform"?

At a costume ball?

How about Byrne?


Just curious?

1:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I'm on a roll here, PLEASE NAME Deeds most prized accomplishment as a member of the General Assembly....

1:08 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't stop typing. Let's PLEASE line up Deeds resume versus McDonnell's...

I'm sure that Deeds has done SOMETHING over 14 years, I just don't know what it was.

1:10 AM


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