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Monday, October 31, 2005

BCS Madness

The turmoil of the BCS standings continues this week with USC overtaking Texas and regaining the #1 position by the narrowest of margins. Texas remains at #1 in the computer rankings, while USC is tied with unbeaten Virginia Tech for second in the six computer polls.

The Hokies still sit on the outside looking in at this point, but as I have said before, I'm not worried. If the Hokies win out, the strength of their remaining schedule will eventually vault them over a Texas team playing mediocre Big XII competition. A big win over #5 Miami this weekend would certainly help Virginia Tech among the human voters and would almost certainly boost them in the computers as well.

This game is VT's biggest since facing FSU in the '99 title game. The Hokies will be under the microscope as never before as voters and fans alike seek to determine whether they deserve a shot at the National Title Game. With ESPN's College Gameday on campus and a prime-time kickoff set, I believe the Hokie faithful will be amped as never before. The Hokies themselves feed off of the atmosphere in Lane Stadium and I expect nothing less than their "A" game on Saturday night.

Ring-a-ding ding, baby!


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