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Monday, October 17, 2005

Allen's fundraising prowess will scare off serious challenge

On Saturday, Senator George Allen released his fundraising figures for the last quarter. In the past three months, Allen raised $1.3 million to give him about $5.5 million on hand as he prepares to defend his Senate seat next year. While those figures are less than what he raised the previous two quarters, they still represent an incredible hurdle for anyone who hopes to challenge the popular incumbent.

Gov. Mark Warner has pledged to field a competitive Democratic challenger, although he has declined to run himself. Despite the buzz over Ben Affleck's potential interest in running for office, in reality, the Virginia Dems will have a tough time finding anyone willing to be a sacrificial lamb for the Allen juggernaut.

Without a serious challenge to his reelection, Allen will be riding a wave of momentum, and cash, into 2007. By that time, he will be well positioned to mount a serious run for the Presidential nomination in '08. Already considered one of the Senate's top conservatives, Allen must continue to raise name recognition and consolidate support among the party faithful to have a shot at the nomination.


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