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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Whither the Republican Revolution?

Over at One Man's Trash, Norm isn't pulling any punches in expressing his exasperation with big-spending Republicans. As we look around our party today we can see very few individuals who are standing up for the principles of smaller government, balanced budgets, low taxes and fiscal restraint.

Republicans have good reason to be upset with Republicans both in Congress and in the General Assembly who abandon the core principles of our party for political expediency. It is frustrating to see legislators oppose tax increases with one hand and spend those dollars with the other. It is frustrating to see a Republican Congress, who came to power with a mandate to shrink the government, gorge itself on pork-barrel projects and a gross expansion of federal bureaucracy.

Over at NRO, Bruce Bartlett excoriates the "pork-barrel Republicans" in Congress who have engaged in what he calls "an orgy of spending." Rich Lowry wonders aloud whether the irresponsibility of Congressional Republicans might not be shifting the 2008 GOP playing field towards an unexpected savior, John McCain.

Finally, over at the Opinion Journal, Brendan Miniter looks at how the Dems might be recasting themselves as the party of fiscal discipline. Republicans had better take note if they hope to remain in power past 2006 and 2008.


Blogger Norman said...

The only thing that could save the GOP from a well-deserved thumping is that the Democrats are even more -- vastly more -- irresponsible with other people's money.

Hardly a ringing endorsement.

7:09 PM


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