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Thursday, September 29, 2005

What the Protesters Don't Get

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune has a great article today that responds to the Cindy Sheehans out there insisting that we bail out on the Iraqi people.

The writer interviews Marine Col. Jeff Vold, a reservist who returned last March from seven months in Fallujah and Ramadi. Vold gives readers a great sense of what is really going on over in Iraq and it is vastly different from what we see on the news. Here's a sample:
Across Iraq, Americans and Iraqis are working together to reclaim the country from Baathists and terrorists. They are building or refurbishing schools, hospitals, roads and sewer systems. "The battle with the terrorists left Fallujah in rubble," says Vold. "But every day, people thanked us. 'We might have to rebuild our house,' they said, 'but you gave us back our city.' "
Granted, the article offers the opinion of just one man, but what Vold says is exactly the same thing I hear on a regular basis from fellow service members who have been in Iraq. We can only hope that, no matter how much the media attempts to ignore the positive things going on there, the strength and determination of our soldiers and the Iraqi people will prevail.


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