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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Report: Illegal Immigration Increasing

A report put out today by the Pew Hispanic Center indicates that the number of immigrants entering the country illegally every year has increased since 2001 and now outpaces the number entering the nation legally.

The immigration issue is getting increasing press across the nation, and if this article is any indication, it will certainly be important in Virginia's Gubernatorial election this fall.

While Jerry Kilgore has come out with a strong stance against those that flout our nations laws and opposing the use of taxpayer money to support illegal aliens, Tim Kaine has been content to stand in favor of accomodating criminal conduct and to pass the buck to the federal government for enforcement. Melanie Scarborough of the Washington Post agrees that if Tim Kaine is elected "the problem is likely to get worse."

As illegal immigrants continue to flood into the United States taking jobs and resources from law-abiding residents, Virginia needs leadership on this rapidly worsening issue. Only Jerry Kilgore is willing to address the problem head-on rather than assigning the responsibility elsewhere.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No offense, but is he proposing that Governors be granted special powers to veto the proposed budgets of localities? Doesn't he trust the people to figure out how to deal with their immigration problem (especially given that it is a problem mostly constricted to one region of the state)?

Just not getting excited by this one or seeing how the outcome of the election will really change anything. Next Kaine will be be promising to save Social Security or win the war in Iraq.

7:12 PM

Anonymous NoVA Scout said...

think the world of you, Zach, but I wouldn't be a good friend if I didn't warn you off this issue. It's federal, federal, federal, and the gains to be made locally (or statewide) are not gains that you (or the GOP) want to have. As I say to my beloved canine when she starts to eat something that initially smells good but would do her harm (not trying to put you in the same phylo-genetic stratum - but I do care about her very much), "Leave it!"

7:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Illegal Immigration is most assuredly affectiong more then one region of the Commonwealth. Harrisonburg is one example.

9:13 PM

Blogger Thomas Jefferson said...

Pass the buck to the federal government? The federal government already has the buck! - Enforcing the immigration laws is the federal government's job. A correct statement would be - Tim Kaine does not favor taking the buck.

And taking the buck is one option - Jerry Kilgore proposed it. When the Herndon thing first started getting attention Kilgore proposed having VA law enforcement start detaining illegal aliens. In other words, having our law enforcement officials do the federal government's job with resources that ought to be used in actually catching dangerous criminals. Not surprisingly, police departments across the state (note exactly bastions of liberal opinion) publicly objected to the proposal.

The federal government needs to enforce its own laws. However, in the meantime, let's not criticize local officials for doing the best they can with a bad situation.

1:21 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If illegal imigration is such a threat, and I DO believe it is!, Why is it sooo hard to find out how to report illegal imigrants?? Ive been to the Homeland securtity web site, and wow, you cant find anything there! We as legal Americans should be able to go to our computer and with the push of a button or two, send this disease of illegals back to their homes and out of our work places!
I am so annoyed! If you or ANYONE has any info that can help me report to the neccessary people, PLEASE reply and post the propper channels! Thanks!

5:10 PM


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