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Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Rehnquist Era Ends

Drudge is reporting that Chief Justice William Rehnquist passed away this evening at his home in suburban Virginia. Rehnquist's 33 years on the court will likely be remembered in the media for its more historic moments, such as the impeachent trial of President Clinton. However, Rehnquist should also be lauded for his steady, reasoned leadership of the Court in the wake of seismic social, political and cultural changes.

This development will certainly throw a giant-sized monkey wrench into the Supreme Court struggle as President Bush may now have to nominate a new Chief Justice before Judge Roberts' confirmation hearings are over. You can be sure that the lefties can smell blood and are already gearing up for a big battle over this one.

Our prayers certanly go out to the Rehnquist family. Right now is the time to reflect on the accomplishments and achievements of an outstanding American. Very soon, however, it'll be time to roll up the sleeves once again.


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