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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

NRO Review of 'Commander in Chief'

NRO's Louis Wittig offers his impressions of the premiere of ABC's new woman-as-President drama and discovers precisely what I expected him to find:
In their dreamy Shangri-La, Democrats don’t have any messy baggage. The word “Democrat” does not appear even a single time in the pilot script. “Republican” does. The Iago-like Speaker is clearly identified as a creationism-teaching GOP member. Mackenzie Allen, on the other hand, is a plucky independent, and the audience is firmly reminded of it. Every time a character remarks how she would be the first female president, another shoots back “and the first independent.” In the glorious future, with the issues so perfectly framed, “Democrat” and “liberal” have withered away, and everyone presumably knows that their choice is between upright, sincere independents (like Allen) and icy, extremist Republicans. Ah, to dream.
The rest of the review is definitely worth a read.

The show premieres tonight at 9:00 and, as I have said before, i'll probably check it out for pure curiosity's sake. I don't expect to be impressed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This pile of garbage has but one function: To prepare the American electorate for Hillary's 2008 run and warm their palate to voting her Commander in Chief. Hollywood is so transparent.

10:29 PM

Anonymous said...

I saw it last night and was not impressed. The best scene was when Donald Sutherland is first shown as the nemesis to this so-called "Independent". I would have substituted Ian Richardson who portrayed Francis Urquhart, the Machiavellian British Prime Minister, so well in House of Cards,To Play the King and The Final Cut.

I think our heroine would have immediately screamed when confronted with an American Urquhart and left politics never to be seen again.


10:40 AM

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