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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

More '08 Buzz

Admittedly we are getting way ahead of ourselves here, but the guessing game is one of the fun things about politics. In any case Too Conservative has a great post assessing the contenders for Warner's seat should he decide not to run again. Truthfully, I believe Warner will run again, as do many others.

For the record, my Karl Rove comment was tounge-in-cheek. Goodlatte and Forbes are two who I would strongly support. I am very intruiged by Mr JMS' suggestion of Kate Obenshain Griffin. Though I'd prefer to see her make a run for a State office (such as LG in '09), I have no doubt that she would make a outstanding Senator and it would be appropriate to see an Obenshain take the seat for which her father ran.

As for Gilmore and Davis, I stand by my assertion that neither of them have the support necessary to win the Senate seat.


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