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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Let the Battle be Joined

The WaPo reports that Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid will announce his intention to vote against John Roberts for Chief Justice in hopes of encouraging other Democrats to do the same.

First of all, Roberts is going to be confirmed so Reid pronouncement is simply an attempt to get more "me time" in the newspapers. However, this should be a signal to President Bush regarding who he chooses to replace Sandra Day O'Connor.

The Democrats are going to oppose ANYONE the President nominates for any reason, or for no reason at all. The President should choose the most reliably conservative person he can and force the Democrats to decide whether they want to filibuster. Most Americans give the President great deference, as does the Constitution, in choosing nominees to the Supreme Court. Conservatism is NOT a legitimate bar to service in the minds of most Americans, and the Democrats will lose this battle if they choose to fight it.

For once in my lifetime I'd actually like to see the national Republican Party not wimp out and give in to the Democrats. Please Mr. President, give us a nominee that will make Diane Feinstein's head explode during committee hearings.


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