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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Fracas in Farmville

With the Virginia Tech-West Virginia and Virginia-Maryland border wars taking place this weekend, there's a significant in-state gridiron contest being overshadowed.

Saturday at noon, the #23-ranked Bridgewater College Eagles go on the road to take on the #22-ranked Hampden-Sydney Tigers in what amounts to the ODAC Championship game. The Harrisonburg Daily News-Record has a good preview of the latest installment in this 62-year old rivalry.

The rivalry, which has been traditionally lopsided in favor of the Tigers, has heated up with the rise of Bridgewater as one of DIII's elite in recent years. Chances are that the winner of Saturday's game will earn a trip to the NCAA playoffs, while the loser may very well be staying home in December.

Check out the excellent site for more previews, game stats, rosters, history, and streaming audio.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:44 PM

Blogger James Young said...

I'll be there, Zach, with the family, rooting on the Tigers.

I hadn't recalled that this was lopsided in our favor. Two years ago, this one was stolen from H-SC on a bad call on the last Bridgewater drive. H-SC was (wrongly, in my partisan opinion, but I saw the play, and it was a bizarre call) called for roughing the passer on 4th and ten with under two minutes; Bridgewater was able to score, and there was inadequate time left for H-SC to score again. It was a high-scoring game.

If you're there, look for the new tan Montana on the Hill, just past Hampden House. The Youngs will be tailgating, with a traditional pitcher of Bloodies. Join us.

11:04 PM

Blogger Old Zach said...

James, Sadly I'll have to miss this year's affair as it may be my last chance to catch the Black Diamond Trophy game in Morgantown (something I've never done before). I'll be rooting on my Eagles from afar though. May the best team win.

12:02 AM

Anonymous Bwana said...

Some things cannot be allowed to go without comment...

Mr. Young apparently forgets the many years this game was played before he went to college. The series has been lopsided to the favor of BC only over the last ten years.

Brother Young also mentions a "stolen" game, but omits that the "bad call" was made in a game played at Hampden-Sydney.

Now if you went to Rowan, that would be a different story. And if you went to Kings college, you would have to admit the possibility of divine intervention. But if a team can't arrange for home cooking on their home field, especially when they were leading by 2 touchdowns (or was it three) at the half, there is little room to moan about a "stolen" game!

I envy those who can see it the game on saturday. Both BC and HSyd have high scoring offenses and matador defenses, so this year I would expect it to be real run-and-gun affair, with total points scored over 100. Between the high octane offenses on the field and the high octane liquor on the sidelines, it should be quite the afternoon!

11:02 AM

Blogger James Young said...

And some people can't post a comment without attacking (I respect Zach's response eschewing any desire he may have had to do so as a Bridgewater partisan). Bwana, I didn't "forget[] the many years this game was played before he went to college"; I merely expressed my ignorance of the total record.

Further, it is somewhat self-evident, and I presumed that it was, for those familiar with the back-and-forth of college football, that the game discussed was at H-SC. As for the ability to "arrange for home cooking on their home field," I suspect that the ability to do so is foreclosed by NCAA rules. I certainly hope so, since there would otherwise be no justification (like bad coaching or a weak team) for H-SC's dismal record of NO victories during two seasons a few years back.

Under any circumstances, a game where the winning touchdown is scored directly as the result of a penalty is a bad thing. Even were I wrong --- and I have been amazed by the unanimity over the years among those who saw the play (too bad there isn't film) --- such occurrences are always an unfortunate way for games to be decided.

12:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting discussions by all you H-SC guys. We know that you're all W&L Wannabes.

12:18 PM

Blogger James Young said...

I quoth: " Some things cannot be allowed to go without comment..."

First, what is "W&L"? Is that "Washington and Leigh"?

Second, always remember that Robert E. Lee V was a classmate of mine. Hampden-Sydney '86.

Third, how was "W&L" done in recent years on the gridiron against H-SC? Certainly, H-SC is doing better now than it was during my tenure.

Fourth, and finally, I'm pretty sure Old Zach is a Bridgewater guy, though I don't hold that against him. As for bwana, I don't know. His first four 'graphs make him sound kinda like an uninformed yet pretentious W&L guy -- or gal -- to me. His redeeming last 'graph is, of course, insightful and correct.

1:19 PM

Anonymous Bwana said...

Oh, Brother Young, when one refers to a loss as a "stolen" game, you are all but asking for a response. If you choose to use incendiary language, you shouldn't be surprised if someone takes issue with what you say.

As for you allegation that I sound "like an uninformed yet pretentious W&L guy -- or gal"...

First, the description is redundant. Second, clearly it is an observation without merit. My experience with folks from Lexington suggests that a true W&L guy or gal would not have have condescended to respond to any observation about BC by a Hampden Sydney alum. They would instead take the time to mix drinks and bemoan the idle and pointless chatter of those silly moronic Hamsters and Eagles...

2:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

H-SC, BC or W&L, might as well be GMU, you're all just frustrated Wahoo wannabes.

5:10 PM

Blogger James Young said...

bwana, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I might not be so "incendiary," as I tend to doubt such statements myself. You had to be there is an overused phrase, but in this context, it fits. I can't say it was the most egregious call I've ever seen, but it's among the top ten, and the one that --- for obvious reasons --- resonates the most for me.

As for that last 'graph, please accept my apologies for the redundacy, as none of us can assume that all know these things. But your last sentence makes me wonder whether you are a product ... er, graduate, of that coeducational experiment in Ashland.

And BTW, Anon 12:18 --- Could've been. Twice (college and law school). The first time, I made the wiser choice. As to the second, there are certainly times that I wish that I had chosen Washington and Lee Law School over Emory.

5:12 PM

Blogger James Young said...

He-he-he. Yeah, Anon 5:10, I'm really a "frustrated wannabe" because I didn't get into --- and didn't even apply to --- a state university.

8:18 PM

Blogger Old Zach said...

Anon, Considering Bridgewater has played in more national championship football games than UVA ever will, I hardly think I'm the jealous one.

8:21 PM

Anonymous Bwana said...

Brother Young, swing and a miss, strike 2!! Truth is the closest I have ever come to setting foot on the RMC campus was eating some great pork BBQ at the Smoky Pig restaurant at the corner of Va 1 and Va 70 in the heart of Ashland.

Given the nature of this string, I have a presumption toward the ancient rivalries that make the Hamster heart pound are clouding your grasp of the obvious...

Well, must run...Vaugh just got aced on "Alias", and I must sit shiva with my wife...

10:34 PM

Blogger James Young said...

bwana, what makes you think that I was swinging at you? And if you think "Hamster" is offensive, you don't know too many Emory alumni. There, the nickname is "Emoroid." As in Delegate Jeff Frederick, fellow Emoroid.

And Old Zach makes a good point. Not that football is what really matters, anyway.

1:12 AM

Anonymous Bwana said...

Why Brother Young...first you apologize for a redundancy then suggest that prior phrasing makes you wonder if I attended that school in Ashland you so richly and obviously admire? Certainly one would think the observation was directed at me.

Also, my lingo betrays my age. When the world was young and 18 year olds could vote, serve in the military, AND buy beer, the term "hamster" was a common reference to those who attended your alma mater, used in the same sort of way that "mink" was used to refer to male students at W&L.

Enjoy the trip, and be safe. I shall be knee deep in soccer games tomorrow, and will have to rely on scoring updates from to keep me abreast of the scores in the games that really count...

7:22 AM

Anonymous Bwana said...

The smoke has cleared, the dust settled, and Bridgewater again takes out Hampden Sydney, this time by 31-24 in a dogfight that went down to the very last play.

I now cross my fingers for a sweep the rest of the way by both teams, and the chance of HSyd getting a wild card into DIII playoffs!

6:25 PM

Blogger James Young said...

Yes, sadly, bwana is correct. It was a great game, with the players on the field giving it their all, the fans on the Hill throwing back a goodly amount of adult beverages, and children of alumni running around in a care-free atmosphere. A beautiful Saturday for football. And one cannot say on this occasion that the game was decided by other than the best efforts of both teams. Kudos to Bridgewater on a battle well and successfully fought.

'Course, now H-SC can look forward to the real Game, when we meet the experiment in coeducation in Ashland in November. Sadly, I suspect that only the old rivalry will make it a good one, as R-MC is in what might generously be called "a rebuilding year."

9:05 AM


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