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Monday, September 26, 2005

Down-ticket Races Heat Up

Yesterday's Daily Progress offers a glimpse into the contrasting worlds of Virginia's downticket races. In the LG contest, you've got the unabashed conservative Bill Bolling and unapologetic liberal Leslie Byrne hurling fireballs of rhetoric at one another with reckless abandon.

On the AG side of things, you got a much more cerebral contest between the aggressive Bob McDonnell and the invisible Creigh Deeds. These two have stuck mainly to the issues as McDonnell has set out an ambitious plan to combat everything from Gangs and Drugs to Online Sexual Predators, while Deeds has been content to lay low, talk about his legislative accomplishments and try to convince folks that his running mate is Mark Warner, not Tim Kaine.

Voters should note that these four candidates will appear on public radio station WVTF's "Evening Edition" program over the next two weeks from 7:30 to 8:30. Tomorrow will feature the LG candidates, while next week will feature the AG hopefuls.


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