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Friday, September 30, 2005

The Belly of the Beast Awaits

Yes, I am headed up to Morgantown, WV this weekend for my first, and possibly last, visit. In what could be the final Black Diamond Trophy Matchup for some time, the emotions are sure to be running high between the Hokies and 'Eers this time around.

In 1999 the name Vick became legendary on the field in Morgantown, vaulting VT to the National Title game. In 2003, the Hokies' title dreams were smashed into a million pieces on that same field. One thing is for sure, one or the other will be repeated again this weekend.


Blogger CR UVa said...

2003 was a great year (35-21). 1999 and all others since were not. I think it is obvious which year I want to return.

2:51 PM

Blogger Ross said...

Hey be careful up there. I hope you come back in one piece...

3:20 PM


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