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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Affleck v. Allen?

The Washington Post is circulating the rumor that Virginia Democrats may be courting actor Ben Affleck in their attempt to find a challenger to Senator George Allen for the US Senate in 2006.

The article suggests that Affleck and his new wife Jennifer Garner, who is a West Virginia native, have been looking for homes in the Charlottesville area. It goes on to say that Democrats have also been making overtures to author John Grisham.

Though the national exposure would be good for the Commonwealth and for Allen, these are pretty much pipe-dreams for the Virginia Democrats and shows just how desperate they are to stop Allen's momentum towards '08.


Anonymous Bwana said...

Given how easy and effective it was to label democrat James Socas a Carpetbagger in his race in Va 10 last year, I wonder how it is possible for anyone to think Affleck would be able to escape the same label and all its destructice connotations. Grisham-on the other hand-has lived in Virginia for several years...but having had his time in the Mississippi legislature apparently has no interest in elective office.

12:54 PM

Blogger Ben Kyber said...

John Grisham would be a better choice.

That guy actually seems intelligent and somewhat moderate.

3:22 PM

Anonymous Chris from ASL said...

So that means we could exchange one Californian for another? Right?

6:21 PM


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