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Monday, August 29, 2005

Sportsmen at the Grand Resorts

I've been checking out some of the great packages at the The Homstead, and there are some great deals for Sportsmen.

The Ultimate Sportsmen Package, for example, is just $1500 for a long weekend. It includes a day of shooting, a day of golf, and a day of fishing. A spa special after your hard day is additional.

If you just want to shoot, then you may want the Homestead Shooting Package. It's a bargain at $550.

This package includes accommodations, breakfast and dinner daily, four hours of shooting instruction, use of a Beretta Shotgun, one round of skeet and 200-300 targets of Sporting Clays.
The Greenbrier in West Virginia also has some shooting options. Prices for the shooting aren't posted, but you can get a room starting at $652/night.

Here's what I did for $652:
1) Went to a gun show and found someone selling a standard Zabela Brothers SBS 12 gauge for $200. I skipped the background check because I am a private party and the seller was a private party.
2) Took it to a gunsmith and had the left trigger rebuilt for $125.
3) Went to Wal-Mart and bought two cases of shells for $30 each.
4) Bought two cases of clay targets for $10 each.

This fall I will:
1) Buy some chest waders for $100.
2) Buy a camo jacket for $100.
3) Buy a statewide hunting license for $12.
4) Buy a waterfowl stamp for $9.75.

I haven't decided how to spend the other $25.25, but I'll let you know.


Blogger kilo said...

You, Chad, and myself all posted about this. This is a blunder by Kaine for sure.

10:29 PM


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