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Monday, August 29, 2005

Explaining the private party sale exception to background checks

It's come to my attention that some people might not understand the private party sale exception to background checks.

Here's a summary: If I, as a private party, want to sell one of my guns to someone else, I just do it. If my buddy Tom comes over one Friday afternoon and admires a rifle, he can offer to buy it. If I agree, he pays me and I give him the gun. I don't have to call law enforcement to ensure that he's not a felon.

This private party exception applies regardless of venue. A private seller doesn't have to do a background check if he sells a gun at a hunt club, in a private home, or at a gun show.

Why do I take the time to explain this?

Well, let's say that someone is working on a political campaign and offers to work a candidate's booth at a gun show. Let's say that this person decides that the gun show would be a good place to sell a gun. That person, of course, would not have to get a background check on the eventual purchaser of the shotgun.

It would only get dicey if the seller was working for a candidate that called the private party exception a "loophole." The seller would be "exploiting" that loophole.

That would be a little embarrassing.


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it looks like the dog is sniffing the hunter's rear end

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