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Monday, August 08, 2005

Candidate getting ready in the 25th

Via Waldo, I see that former UVA Law student Michael Signer is taking steps to run for Creigh Deeds' seat when Sen. Deeds steps down.

Without getting into the outcome of the AG's race (on which Mr. Signer's ambitions are predicated), someone who moves to a district solely to run is stuck in somewhat of a netherworld if the required events don't transpire.

Witness the wild speculation surrounding Lacey Putney's intentions regarding his House seat. People who moved to that district hoping to run are now iced for two years, maybe more. Do they hang around? Do they run for a local race?


Blogger Walt Ball said...

If this seat were to become available. I would hope that one of three candidates on our side would run for it: Rob Schilling (C'ville City Councilor) Ken Boyd (Albemarle County Supervisor) or Delegate Ben Cline (this would require that he move in Rockbridge Co. though) Those are the three strongest candidates in my humble opinion.

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