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Monday, August 01, 2005

Atkins Nutritional files for bankruptcy

From the AP:
The company started by the late nutrition guru Dr. Robert C. Atkins to promote a low-carb lifestyle has filed for bankruptcy court protection, a further sign of the waning popularity of the diet.
I would have read more, but my pancakes needed to be flipped.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've always been opposed to diet fads and this just further cements my position. A good example is another popular diet fad that began in 1994, the "no fat" diet. Those two words sent companys scrambling to keep up with the demand for foods with out fat. In just over a year, 3,000 new products were created. This seems very similar to today's low carb product boom. However in the ten plus years since the "no fat" craze, the US population is 15% more obese.

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