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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Warner continues stellar management

To the well-covered Safarigate, we can now add the following two things to Gov. Warner's "A" rating for governance:

The changes follow reports last month in the Daily Press that a group of commissioners spent lavishly on drinks and entertainment during a 2003 convention in Paris. The spending included a trip to a cabaret featuring topless dancers at a cover price of $150 per person. They left a $350 tip that pushed the total night's bill to $2,200.
And Pensiongate:
"If the governor wants me to resign, I will resign," said Alfonso I. Samper, who -- as a Warner-appointed chairman of the Virginia Retirement System -- crafted the $263,000 exit package for W. Forrest Matthews Jr.
According to JLARC, Samper, a bond specialist for Wachovia Securities who previously worked for the state Treasury Department, negotiated a separation agreement last fall with Matthews without the official sanction of the board of trustees.
I don't know if we can stand another six months of this stellar management.


Blogger Virginia Centrist said...

Yeah. Hopefully when the phone tapping guys get into power, we'll see an end to this corruption.

1:58 PM


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