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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

TIME to get a clue

It is clear by looking at this diagram that TIME magazine doesn't have one. In trying to pin down the ideological bent of the Supreme Court, they identify Justices Stevens, Breyer, Souter and Ginsberg as "moderate liberals," Kennedy as a "moderate conservative" and Rhenquist, Scalia and Thomas as "staunch conservatives." They identify not a single Justice as a "staunch liberal."

This is simply laughable. Whoever put this piece together clearly has spent far too much time inside the ivory tower of TIME's corporate offfices and has no idea what is going on outside of their cubicle. Only in the echo chamber of the liberal MSM could Justice Ginsberg be considered a "moderate liberal."

Please President Bush, keep your promise and give us another "staunch conservative." And quickly, before I laugh myself to death.

(Big ol' Hat Tip to RedState)


Blogger clarendonian said...

Um. Okay, here is a "staunch liberal" justice: Thurgood Marshall. Compared to him, Ginsberg is practically a conservative. For example, Ginsburg regularly votes to impose the death penalty, something Marshall never did. Also, Ginsburg voted to retain the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, which Marshall would certainly have opposed doing.

That's the problem with you people -- when Democrats put moderates on the Court, do you give them any credit? No! You simply re-define the center farther to the right. Now the old moderates become new "liberals". How many times have we heard Clinton was the "most liberal president ever" -- um, yeah, if you forget Johnson, Roosevelt, and, in fact, even Nixon, who was the first president to propose national health care.


1:20 AM

Anonymous Sorrel said...

The labels leave a lot to be desired when describing the jurisprudence of the Court. I am quite sure that Justice Ginsburg is as "liberal" as they come in her private views on the issues of the day. But in her conduct on the bench, she is generally cautious and workmanlike - there is no overlying extreme ideological cloud that defines her work. Frankly, if I were trying to extract an ideological sounding from the decided cases of the court over the past 11 years, I would place Justice Stevens somewhere a bit to the left of Justice Ginsburg. I think one has to distinguish between what one knows of these people in their non-judicial sense (which knowledge includes awareness of their previous jobs and activities) and what they do when they decide a case. What I just said about Justice Ginsburg probably also could be fairly said of Justice Breyer, but I have always felt that Justice Breyer is a very fair and non-ideological dispenser of justice on the Court. As has happened in other recent contexts, we can all make ourselves crazy trying to shoe-horn these people into boxes constructed for other purposes. Even though I consider myself a strong political conservative, I would be more than happy to see an appointee who brings to the bench a sense of fairness and justice along with deep knowledge of the law, even if he/she has no strongly identifiable political tilt.

5:27 AM

Blogger Ranger03 said...

I think it was Lukacs who once said no one is entirely liberal or entirely conservative. For everytime you point to Ginsburg supporting criminal punishment I can point to Scalia supporting free speech.

The fact is this: Ginsburg is a staunch liberal. This doesn't mean you can't have some conservative inclinations, but it does mean that 99% of the time you'll be in support of government land grabs (Kelo), infanticide (Stenberg), etc.

1:40 PM

Blogger James Young said...

Shipwrecked, it seems that you're confusing your (or the media's) caricature of a "conservative" with what one actually means. That is, there is nothing contradictory in being "entirely conservative" and "supporting free speech." A better example of how Scalia is not "entirely conservative" would have been his tolerance of forced-unionism as an example of his unconservative support of government regulation of free speech and association.

5:53 PM

Anonymous Eng said...

I had the same reaction when I saw the picture in Time Magazine. Thanks for posting this.

8:17 PM


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