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Friday, July 01, 2005

Tim Kaine 7/4 schedule

I was looking over Tim Kaine's Independence Day schedule. He'll be in Vienna at 3 PM and Manassas at 7 PM.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Mr. Kaine is in a perfect position to stop by the Leadership Institute's 4th of July Soiree in Centreville!
the Soirée will be a Patriotic celebration of all things conservative, including: Senator George Allen (VA), local officeholders and activists...Tremendous Networking Opportunities...And so much more....Conservative Books as Door Prizes to the FIRST 200 GUESTS TO REGISTER AT THE PARK...
Good Times, good times.

It looks like Ms. Byrne and Mr. Kaine will be campaigning together on the 4th. Perhaps Ms. Byrne is going to visit LI's 4th of July soiree? First person to submit a group picture of Tim Kaine, Leslie Byrne and Morton Blackwell will win a prize!


Blogger James Young said...

Interestingly, Bill Dolan (remember him?) DID show up at the Soiree, which I have attended with my family for the last sixteen years. I wasn't sure that it was the former Dem AG candidate (I saw a guy with a "Bill Dolan" nametag, but wouldn't recognize his face if I tripped over him) until I happened to follow him out in my car, and saw his bumper sticker on his car.

9:38 AM


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