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Monday, July 11, 2005

Old Zach at the Movies

Instead of going to bed after getting home last night, like I should have, I instead went to check out the Fantastic Four. While the "Fairly Good Four" doesn't quite have the same ring to it as a superhero team name, it's probably a more apt description of the film itself.

FF is not even close to Batman Begins, but as superhero flicks go, it is well ahead of atrocities like Daredevil. Casting for Marvel Comics' first family was generally good. Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis were inspired choices for the Human Torch and the Thing, Ioan Gruffudd was somewhat bland, but then so is Reed Richards. And even though I'm still not sold on Jessica Alba as Sue Storm, she held her own overall. The interaction between these four characters is what made the comic book so compelling, and it is an appropriately important part of the film. As in the comic, saving the world is almost a secondary concern to the intra-familial squabbles of the team.

My complaint with the film is with Dr. Doom, who was just too cheesy to be taken seriously in my book. Dr. Doom is a larger than life bad guy in the Marvel Universe and he just didn't hold that weight in this film. Overall it was enjoyable summer movie fare, just don't expect to get any life lessons if you see it.


Blogger Jerminator said...

The Fantastic Four just wasn't.

My biggest beef was with the story. It gave it's characters nothing to do, it only bounced from one stereotype to another without logical progression.

Fortunately I got in free so it was worth the price of admission.

11:04 AM


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