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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Murtaugh - 1

In this good WaPo article, Michael Shear describes the thorough debate preparation that each candidate is undergoing in preparation for Saturday's gubernatorial debate.

Kilgore press secretary Tim Murtaugh has this compliment for Mr. Kaine:
"Tim Kaine is a trial lawyer, well known as a smooth talker," Murtaugh said.
"People say he's Clintonian in his debating style. He's a master debater, so we're certainly taking it seriously."
750,000 people read that soundbite on the way to work this morning. Countless others read it on-line.


Blogger Dvt guy said...

Did he say "Master-Debator"?

1:59 PM

Blogger Walt Ball said...


2:05 PM

Blogger Walt Ball said...

Geez, there really is NOTHING going on is there :)

2:06 PM


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