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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Liberal Ignorance Abounds

This just makes me mad. Today I saw this story about New York Governor George Pataki's son Teddy, who has just been commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps. Bully for Teddy to sign up to serve in the Armed Services during a time of war. He is to be commended for his actions as he certainly had other career options as a recent Yale graduate.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels this way. Upon Googling "Teddy Pataki," I ran across this inane column from Columnist Sheryl McCarthy argues that Teddy should be shipped straight to Iraq rather than being allowed to complete law school and meeting his committment in the JAG Corps. She says:
It was another example of how politicians wage war but expect other people's children to fight them.
And at a time when the Marines, like all the other military branches, are struggling to fill their recruitment quotas because of the war, the idea of a politician's son getting an educational deferment makes my blood boil.
It takes me back to the Vietnam War, when thousands of sons of privilege hung out in college, graduate school, the National Guard and the various military reserve units to avoid the carnage that was playing out in Vietnam.

Either Ms. McCarthy is completely ignorant or she is purposely skewing the facts to score political points. Either way, her arguments are reprehensible. Mr. Pataki is not "skating through" getting a "pass" or a "break," as she claims. He has made his commitment to the Marines and he will serve his time. Going to law school before being comissioned in the JAG corps is not some "privilege" reserved only for the wealthy and powerful, that's how it works! Even her characterization of this career path a "deferment" is inaccurate. And going to Congressman Charles Rangel for a response does not help her cause, but only reveals his ignorance about our military as well.

Finally, Ms. McCarthy tries to connect the younger Pataki's actions with his father's support for the President. This is inappropriate and uncalled for. Teddy is not the Governor of New York, his father is. If you want to attack Governor Pataki, you are free to do so, but do not call his children's actions fair game because of what their father does or says. Teddy has bravely answered the call to service. He has done his part to meet those "recruiting quotas" by raising his own right hand and swearing an oath to defend our nation and our Constitution. And he should be praised for doing so.


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Good piece, Zach, but the title is redundant and repetitive. ;-)

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