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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Kaine and Abortion

From the AP:

The issue was a hypothetical setup. If the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, that would return the decision on whether to regulate abortion to the states. If the General Assembly votes to ban abortion, would a Governor Kaine sign the bill? Answer: "No."
"I oppose abortion and I think there is common ground on this issue because Virginians want to reduce abortion. I've not met a single person in Virginia who wants to increase abortion," Kaine said.

"What we don't need to do in Virginia is criminalize the health care decisions of women and their doctors," he said.
This is an interesting response. Mr. Kaine has said that his burden is to uphold his oath of office, and that means putting aside his personal opposition to abortion and the death penalty.

In this hypothetical, though, he has a chance to pass legislation in accord with his personal beliefs, but he would choose not to do so? Remember, this would be a bill that the Supreme Court says is Constitutional, that a majority of legislators support, and that matches with Kaine's personal beliefs, and he wouldn't sign it? Why not?


Blogger James Young said...

This is a major error by Kaine, conceding that his "personal opposition to abortion" is nothing more than political opportunism in an effort to sound more moderate.

Great analysis, SST.

1:28 PM


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