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Thursday, July 07, 2005

July 7, 2005

I have been working on a post that was intended to respond to President Bush's speech at Ft. Bragg last week. However, it sort of got lost under the flood of Supreme Court chatter. However, in light of today's events in London, I feel that my thoughts are even more appropriate now. So here goes.

We are at war. Just in case you have forgotten, or never really accepted it in the first place, we are at war. We are fighting a global war against terror. We have an enemy that is determined to kill us and destroy our way of life. We face an enemy that has no respect for human life, no respect for the laws of war, and no respect for international conventions. They are at war, not just with the United States, but with all nations who embrace freedom and democracy.

Like it or not, we are part of a global community of nations that seeks to eradicate this barbaric sect from the face of the earth. Thsi does not mean, however, that we ought to hand over our decision making to the corrupt bureaucrats of the United Nations or the self-serving cowards who reside in Paris. President Bush has made it clear that the United States and its allies will take action, proactively if necessary, to protect our interests and defend the acts of freedom-loving peoples around the globe.

The war in Iraq is a vital front in this global war on terror. Certainly, it is not the only front and perhaps it is not even the most pressing. However, our presence there is essential and, should we accomplish our mission there, it will have a lasting effect on an important region of the world. President Bush recognizes that war is not conducted in a vacuum. Though Saddam Hussien did not himself plan the attacks on 9/11, they are connected nonthelesss. American failure in Iraq means victory for the jihadists. There is no doubt that it will be Al-Qaida who claims victory if the US withdraws from Iraq without having established a viable democracy.

Have no doubt that those who ascribe to the ideology of terror, oppression, and unrest will not stop at Iraq. No, they will continue to undermine democratic efforts throughout the greater Middle East in order to foster hatred towards the West and create a safe-have from which to launch further operations like those conducted on September 11, 2001. An unstable, undemocratic Iraq will only serve to embolden the terrorists.

The Bush administration has continued to monitor situations in Iran, North Korea, China and Africa as well they should. However, our focus on the objectives in Iraq must not waver, lest we face a distraction that would lead to the destruction of democracy in that nation. As new challenges arise, we must adjust fire and adapt as necessary. What we must not do, is to lose faith and resolve.

I have no doubt that if we achieve our objective in Iraq, if we give the people of that nation the freedom and the opportunity to construct a government of their own choosing, then the pages of history will speak kindly of us and the bright light of freedom will grow ever brighter as it spreads across the globe.

The attacks on England today have already caused those on the left to level their own attacks against Bush for saying that we fight the enemy abroad so that we do not have to face them at home. Our President has never claimed that such attacks would not happen. Quite the opposite, he understands as we all should that they are an inevitable consequence of this war. That is what the American people must realize. This IS a war. It will be lengthy, difficult, and full of casualties. However, we cannot afford to simply sit back in fear and allow the islamofascists to attack us and our allies indescriminately. If they have not learned already, they will soon find out that sporadic attacks against our homelands will only strengthen our resolve to seek them out and destroy them.

By standing together and staying the course, England, America, and the rest of our allies will triumph over terror.


Anonymous Jerry Gray said...

"Though Saddam Hussien [sic] did not himself plan the attacks on 9/11, they are connected nonthelesss."

That is opinion, not fact, because there are no facts which support that claim.

I agree that now that we have stepped into that manure pile, we have to be careful how we get out.

And be particularly certain that we don't step in any more as we do.

12:39 AM


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