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Friday, July 01, 2005

Her Greatest Decision

By now we all know about the imminent departure of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. While Justice O'Connor certainly blazed new ground for women in her appointment to the Supreme Court, she is also responsible for some of the most misguided jurisprudence of the last quarter-century. She may be missed by some, but I'm not one of them.

Now we have the opportunity we have waited for for the last 4+ years. We MUST appoint a Justice of the Supreme Court who understands and reveres the Constitution. This is NOT the time for compromise or playing political games. Sandra Day O'Connor must be replaced with a conservative jurist. There will be a fight over this nomination, no matter who it is, and we'd better be ready. The Democrats and their liberal interest groups will do everything in their power to tar and feather the President's selection as an "extremist." We must respond in kind. We cannot allow good jurists to be thwarted by Harry Reid and his liberal cronies, and we must not settle for the next Judge Souter (I'm looking at you, Alberto Gonzales).

The prospect of a Supreme Court vacancy was a huge turnout factor for Bush in '04. Now is the time for our President to fulfill his promise of adding Justices "in the mold of Thomas and Scalia."

Obviously there is a lot of discussion about this going on around the blogosphere. I will again voice my preference for either, or both, of the 4th Circuit's esteemed Judges, Mr. Luttig and Mr. Wilkinson. One or both of these men belong on the Supreme Court.

To keep track of all the goings on, tune in to Redstate, ConfirmThem, NRO's Bench Memos, Michelle Malkin, and the SCOTUS Nomination blog. Good stuff all around.

Let the Games Begin!


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