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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Gov. Holton endorses Sarge

Via Blue in Virginia, I see that Gov. Linwood Holton has posthumously endorsed J. Sargeant Reynolds for a hypothetical 1973 match-up against Mills Godwin.

That got me to wondering: who was the last Republican candidate for governor that Linwood Holton endorsed? I know that Dynamic Dominion probably has the answer, but I lent my copy to a friend.


Blogger Craig said...

My guess would be John Warner; if I recall correctly he (along with Nathan Miller) was in the four way convention race. My guess would be that he would have endorsed Warner per standard procedure, but you never know with Holton.

11:44 PM

Blogger Craig said...

I looked through my quote again and realized it was probably Dick Obenshain, unless Holton dropped on a ballot in hopes it would boost another. However, good chance he boosted Warner during the deliberations for a replacement at State Central.

2:54 PM

Blogger JamesRiverGOP said...

Never lend books.

9:16 PM


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