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Monday, July 11, 2005

BCS slaps on another Band-Aid

You know, the failings of the Bowl Championship Series used to get me all riled up. I used to launch into a diatribe about how college football's championship should be determined on the field, not by some arbitrary calculus equation. But even as the BCS announced a new poll to be used this year, I realized that I've ceased to care.

First of all, I love bowl games. They give both teams and fans something to look forward to at the end of the season, even if they are out of the Championship hunt. Plus, they bring in big bucks for the conferences and colleges, rather than funnelling that money through the NCAA's grubby paws. Not to mention the joy of watching the Hoos go cold in Boise whilst I sip hand grenades on Bourbon street.

Second, the current system makes every single game a must-win. If a team wants to win the National Championship, they have to believe that they must go undefeated. Even that doesn't always work, as we saw last year, but it makes the regular season so much more compelling.

Finally, it makes for good discussion. No system is ever going to be perfect, but at least the BCS keeps people talking about college football. I still think that a playoff is the only way to determine a true national champion, but it's probably never going to happen in D-I football, so we might as well enjoy what we've got.

The only question that remains is: What sunny locale will I be enjoying this year while the Hoos are in Boise?

UPDATE: TSL's esteemed scribe Will Stewart has a great piece here skewering all those sportswriters who constantly cry and moan about the BCS, mainly so that people read their columns. He makes some excellent points, and I concur with his assessment.


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