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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

All-Star Rosters Set

Major League Baseball has set the rosters for next week's All-Star Game to be played at the CoPa, aka Comerica Park, in Detroit Rock City, MI.

In a departure from past years, only three New York Yankees will grace the AL roster, and only Alex Rodriguez will start. The best part is that Derek Jeter will not be making the trip to Motown.

I am disappointed that Tigers 3B Brandon Inge and starting pitcher Jeremy Bonderman won't get the chance to play in their well-deserved first All-Star game in front of the home fans, but them are the breaks. I just hope none of those crazy Pistons fans show up.


Blogger J.R.Hoeft said...

Crazy Pistons fans? Are Detroiters going to have to live with this rep forever? Even in blogs we get ripped.

Hopefully Bonderman will replace Rogers on the roster, now that the "All-Star" has shown his "all-star" personality. Maybe he and that moron in Palace can enjoy a beer together. They can be joined by John Rocker.

On the side, I just joined the Old Dominion Blog Roll. I blog on bearingdrift. com. I really like your template. How did you manage to use your own header. I like the look. I also "power blogger."

11:09 AM

Blogger Old Zach said...

That part wasn't a rip (unless you mean Hamilton), it was tongue in cheek, as I am one of the afore-mentioned crazy Pistons fans.

I am hopeful that the Tigers will get a second-half boost coming out of the All-Star break. Having it at home sandwiched between series' against tampa bay and Kansas City should be a cure for what ails us.

BTW, I fully welcome more Detroit fans to the VA blogosphere!

12:31 PM

Blogger J.R.Hoeft said...

Our pitching is coming right along. Douglass is going to be a good starter -- Maroth is already good, he just needs run support, and Bonderman has just been kidnapped by aliens and replaced with something totally foreign to most Detroit fans -- a twenty game winner.

I see Ordonez and Polanco as two huge additions to our second-half club. Ridding ourselves of Martinez and Pena has been a God-send. Now, we no longer give up two outs every time through the order.

I'm excited. Are you!

Virginia is slowly going to be taken over by Michigan fans. Reconstruction is almost complete!

12:14 AM


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