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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Wilder's son spent missing $169K

Four months ago, we mentioned that Doug Wilder's 1989 campaign committee had not filed any reports recently and had a last-known balance of $169K.

Today, we learn that the money was taken by Wilder's son Larry.
"All of this money went to Mr. Larry Wilder," the fund's current treasurer, Paul Goldman, who serves as the mayor's senior policy adviser, reported in a letter to the board.

"He has told me so as did his lawyer, Mr. Jimmy Morris, who is providing me with a letter to that effect," Goldman wrote. "Unfortunately, the original paper copies of these old copies of these old bank records are no longer available. Mr. Wilder and Mr. Morris have looked but have not found them.. . . Bottom line: No records relative to the actual disbursement of this money have been found."

It sounds like the existing state law may not address the exact problem here.
Christopher E. Piper, the board's campaign finance administrator, said the board will consult with the Attorney General over how to handle all of the funds that missed filings. In the case of Wilder's fund, for instance, the problem is that state law says it can't file a final, closing report until all the missing reports are filed, but the fund can't file the missing reports because the records are missing.
Maybe Mayor Wilder can ask Jim Ukrop to pitch in the money?


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