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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Who Fights over a Library?

Well, this isn't just any library, mind you. It's one of those fancy-schmancy Presidential Libraries. You'll find no worn out copies of Enders Game or matronly ladies "shush"-ing you here. No sir.

The Washington Times has the scoop on the full-fledged bidding war going on for the George W. Bush Presidential library. The lobbying behind the scenes mainly involves some of Texas' major universities. Texas A&M, Southern Methodist, and Baylor seem to be the frontrunners to be the location of the Library once it is built. A&M is already the site of George H.W. Bush's Presidential Library, so naturally the Aggies consider themselves entitled to 43's Library as well. SMU is Laura Bush's alma mater and some guy named Dick Cheney sits on the school's board. Baylor isn't far from Bush's Crawford, Texas ranch and the Times notes that it is "the world's largest Baptist university ." Those darn Baptists just have their hands in everything don't they ;)

Just in case you are wondering why UT isn't in the mix, the Austin, Texas university is the site of Lyndon Johnson's Presidential Library, replete with humorous old photos of LBJ's son-in-law Chuck Robb. Personally, my vote goes to College Station. Gig 'em Aggies!


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