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Monday, June 13, 2005

Virginia Tech cracks down on students exercising their Constitutional rights

Once again, a Virginia university is trying to ignore the Second Amendment by implementing policies preventing students from having guns on campus. This ridiculous policy, which treats college students like convicted felons, is sure to be challenged yet again by gun-rights groups. Given that more students kill people with their cars than with guns, one wonders why Virginia Tech isn't doing something about the scourge of automobiles on campus.


Blogger James Young said...

Perhaps they'll show the same level of enforcement that they do with alcohol. If so, Second Amendment supporters have little to worry about.

11:34 AM

Anonymous Ghost said...

As long as the TV coverage of football games is not peppered with the celebratory spray of AK-47s firing haphazardly into the air I don't think VT enforce this very vehemently.

7:30 AM


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