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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Tim Kaine on NRA Radio

Tim Kaine was on NRA radio yesterday, and host Cam Edwards has his impressions up on his blog. The comments are also worth a read.
Just had an interesting interview with Tim Kaine, the Democratic candidate for governor here in Virginia. I asked him the question "Whose support would you rather have, the NRA or the Brady Campaign?"

His response was "Both", which I suspect doesn't play well with either constituency.

So here's my question: if a candidate running for an office that you were voting on answered that same question with that same response... what would your reaction be?
The fence-straddling by Mr. Kaine was the culmination of a conversation regarding his endorsement by the Brady campaign in 2001.

I recorded the whole thing, except for a few blips on my internet service. I'll post a few soundbites once I get time to edit.


Blogger criticallythinking said...

If I ask my kids, "what do you want, two cookies, or a scoop of ice cream?", and they answer "both", I am inclined to tell them they can't have either.

The question was not an irrational one. It is important for the voters to understand which constituency the candidate feels is more important to their success.

Now, if Kaine would have answered by explaining how he could implement a policy which would satisfy both the NRA and the Brady Campaign, then he could probably get some real traction in the race, since that would somewhat of a miracle.

Charles R.

9:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're exactly right. Kaine wasn't well enough prepped by his staff for that largely obvious and loaded question. "Have you stopped beating your wife?"

11:22 AM

Anonymous vasportsmen said...


You must have forgotten that Kaine said he does not need handlers. His response to that questions reminds me of the unflattering things he said about the Shad Planking during his remarks to the crowd in April. Showed why maybe he might want to hire a speech writter and a couple of "handlers".

8:15 AM


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