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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Praying for Profit

MSNBC has this surprisingly positive article about the burgeoning market in christian music and literature. This is refreshing, since the mainstream media usually treats christian music like some bizarre creation from outer space. As the article tells us, however, Christian music is no longer on the fringes of American pop culture, accounting for 6% of all music sales, or around $700 million a year.

Christian music certainly has come a long way since I was a youngster. No longer are christian artists all reminiscent of that blue-haired lady in your congregation who sings "He Lives" every Easter sunday. Now many christian groups sound more like that garage band down the street, and they have branched out to cover a wide range of musical genres. Bands such as Relient K, Lifehouse, Switchfoot, and P.O.D. have enjoyed tremendous crossover success, largely by appealing to young people.

Christian music has made great strides to move out of the front pew and into the main streets. As far as I'm concerned, nothing bad can come of that.


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