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Monday, June 13, 2005

Old Zach's take on the Governor's Race (seriously)

My previous post on this subject was only partially in jest. Kilgore is the clear choice in this Governor's race but there are some good reasons why that is.

Personally I like George Fitch. He's a fascinating guy who has had an amazing life and has done an amazing job as mayor of Warrenton. Fitch is a great spokesman for our Party on the importance of keeping taxes low to encourage growth and how efficiency of government can prevent cuts in necessary services. I can understand Fitch's frustration about the nomination process, but his assertions of a coronation are misplaced.

Fitch's argument assumes that Kilgore hasn't earned his place as the party's presumptive nominee. The idea that the mantle of the party has been somehow granted to Kilgore on a silver platter for no particular reason is completely off base. Kilgore was a crucial part of the Allen Revolution as the Commonwealth's Secretary of Public Safety. He has served as a state and federal prosecutor. He has served honorably as our Attorney General and been a strong voice for our Party's principles over the past four years as the only statewide elected Republican in Richmond. Kilgore has earned his spot at the top of the GOP ticket and he is our best chance to win back the Governor's mansion this November.

As Tim Kaine tries to recast himself yet again on every issue in this campaign, Jerry Kilgore is leading the way with common-sense conservative priniples of governance. It is vital that Republicans give Jerry Kilgore a ringing endorsement tomorrow and prevent the MSM and liberal spin-doctors from perpetuating this myth of a Republican rift. Our party is strong and united, now let's get out there and prove it!

Again, i say, Kilgore for Governor!


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