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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Old Zach at the Movies

While John Behan is out of town I'm going to use this opportunity to steal away his fan club. All kidding aside, I will liberally steal his ideas and attempt to pass them off as my own. Thanks, JB!

I just got back from seeing Herbie: Fully Loaded so I thought I'd offer my thoughts on this movie. Now I know what you are thinking, "Old Zach why in the world would you see this movie?" Well, I grew up loving the Herbie films and I wanted to see if this film would hold the same appeal as those early ones did. Besides, I'll pretty much see any movie with racing scenes. Ok, I'll pretty much see any movie, period.

Anyway, this movie turned out a lot better than I expected. It doesn't really hold up to the original Love Bug, but it's pretty darn entertaining. Herbie had me smiling and rooting for him through most of the movie, just like when I was a kid. The race scenes were really cool and didn't rely too totally much on CGI, as I had feared. Cynical folks might think this movie is dumb and unbelievable. I say that when you go into a movie that is centrally about an automobile that is alive, you must put your cynicism aside and just enjoy it.

One thing that many critics said they didn't like about the film was the overwhelming amount of product placement. Clearly, none of these critics have ever actually watched a NASCAR race. There was actually LESS product placement in this movie than the typical Sunday afternoon race and the dialogue was no different from what one might hear after a race where the driver thanks seven sponsors before thanking his team. In fact I found myself thinking "Mmm, Cheetos," which I guess is the point.

One more thing, I must request that someone please find the old, good-girl Lindsay Lohan, who appears in this movie, and return her to Hollywood. This new, blond, anorexic Hilton-ized Lindsay scares me. At least give the child a cheeseburger.


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