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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Kilgore Pledges Aid to Southwest Virginia

Yesterday Jerry Kilgore joined Senator William Wampler and Delegate Terry Kilgore to announce his plan to urge the federal government to restore funding to the Coalfields Expressway(CFX) in Southwest Virginia.

The CFX, which was first conceived in 1989, is meant to stretch 51 miles from the West Virginia border in Buchanan County to Route 23 in Pound. The construction of the highway will create a pathway for economic development and vitality for this region. The plan intends to use the Public-Private Transportation Act to make construction of the road more cost-efficient for Virginia's taxpayers.

Completion of the CFX is just a part of Jerry Kilgore's plan for improving transportation in Virginia, which includes protecting the transportation trust fund and using innovative technology to imporove transportation information and infrastructure.

As a native of the region, Jerry Kilgore understands how important economic development is to address the changing needs of Southwest Virginia. I'd be surprised if Kansas native Tim Kaine could even locate Buchanan County without a map.


Anonymous Rural Not Stupid said...

If Kilgore wants to urge the Federal Government to do something, why doesnt he run for congress? It's a pretty crappy platform for a guy running for state office.

5:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe Kilgore would be heard better if he started accepting debates rather than turning them down.

12:57 AM


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