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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Kaine Changes Direction...Again.

Tim Kaine's campaign for governor has apparantly found the strategy it believes will win in November. That strategy appears to me to be deny, criticize, and adopt. In other words, on every issue Kaine begins by denying the positions he has held throughout his entire political career. Next, he proceeds to criticize whatever Jerry Kilgore has proposed without offering a solution of his own. Finally, when pressed Mr. Kaine simply adopts the Republican's plan, tweaking it a bit to make it seem like something new.

The tactic appears once again in today's AFP article regarding Tim Kaine's latest transportation plan. I'll let Chris Graham do the talking here:
After criticizing Republican opponent Jerry Kilgore for pushing for the creation of regional transportation authorities to guide road-planning decisions, Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate Tim Kaine is proposing something that sounds at the least like a close relative to the Kilgore plan.

Hmm, curious. Kaine then goes on to criticize Kilgore's plan calling it an abdication of state leadership and saying it would pit regions against each other. Kaine says:
We don't need that. But just like in '02, if a region wants to engage in self-help, and do something to advance their cause, I supported them in '02, where Jerry would not take a position on the regional referenda.

Thanks for the advice, Dr. Phil. Unfortunately for you, the people didn't support your efforts to raise their taxes, soundly defeating that referendum.

Deny, criticize, adopt. For some reason, I don't think the people of Virginia will warm to that approach either.


Blogger Norman said...

"Thanks for the advice, Dr. Phil..."

Now that's funny. And true. Next up for NoVa, est therapy, capped off with a primal scream.

7:28 PM

Blogger Old Zach said...

Most importantly, how can Virginia voters trust someone who says he'll cut taxes in his TV ads then turns around and says he supports efforts to raise taxes whether the people of Virginia like it or not.

9:04 PM


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