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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Is George Allen Peaking Too Early?

George Allen's political star seems to be shining awfully bright these days. With Bill Frist bogged down by his leadership duties, John McCain continually pissing off Dubya-lovers, and Giuliani stuck up in some big law office somewhere, the Boot-wearin' junior Senator from Virginia is line-dancing his way across the country spreading his message of common-sense Jeffersonian conservatism wherever he pleases. He is also surely basking in the large amount of press he seems to be getting for a potential Presidential run that's still years away.

For example, many news outlets have taken the opportunity of Allen's recent visit to New Hampshire to introduce him to their readers. the Portland (Maine) Phoenix has a comprehensve, and not entirely complimentary, biographical piece on Allen. On the one hand, they quote George Will as lauding Allen's Clintonian people skills, while on the other hand they call his football metaphors a "mental security blanket." They do, however, call him an early favorite in the nomination contest.

The Hampton Roads Daily Press is a bit more complementary of the home-state Senator, focusing more on the strategy of Allen's visit to New Hampshire. Still, they continue to raise questions about Allen's record on race relations. Questions, I will point out, that have been raised before, and soundly rejected by the voters.

Despite all the good feelings going around about Allen, one wonders if perhaps he shouldn't exercise caution and not risk being overexposed to soon. While it is important to get his name recognition up outside of Virginia, the press may soon get bored and start looking for the next golden boy. And believe me, there are plenty waiting in the wings.

I maintain my view that once Allen wins landslide reelection to the Senate he will be perfectly positioned for a run at the White House. I'm sure his people know what they're doing, let's just hope they're not doing it too soon.


Blogger Loper Libby said...

Watch out for my boy Chuck Hagel...

11:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a laugh, Bill Frist bogged down by his leadership duties. What has he done and how has he led the Senate Republicans?
Good surgeon, but no political insight.
One to watch out for that on one mentions is the Governor of Mississippi,Haley Barbour. He still has all the lists from his RNC days.

3:46 PM


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