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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

George Pinch Hits for Jerry

Senator George Allen released a statement today support Jerry Kilgore's recent proposals to combat gang crime in Virginia and blasting Tim Kaine for his weak record and lack of any proposals to combat crime. Here's what Allen had to say on behalf of his protege:
I read with bemusement Tim Kaine's reaction to Jerry Kilgore's positive proposal to continue battling violent street gangs in Virginia, many ofwhich are made up of young people who have moved to Virginia just recently.

Continuing on the good work he did as my Secretary of Public Safety and as Attorney General of Virginia, Jerry has proposed to ratchet up the fight against these violent predators. Unfortunately, Tim Kaine has offered nothing but criticism and even refused to take a position on Jerry's proposal to extend the death penalty to cover certain gang crimes.

While I was Governor, we increased the scrutiny and areas that were surveyed for gang activity. Naturally, when one heightens awareness of a certain type of crime, the initial figures grow rapidly. Either Tim Kaine does not understand this fact or he chooses to ignore it, preferring instead to take a cheap political shot at a life-long champion of law enforcement and victims' rights.

Jerry Kilgore has been a proven, steady leader in fighting crime in our Commonwealth and rightly stands proudly at the forefront of anti-crime initiatives.

Mr. Kaine has no discernable record of fighting gang activity in Virginia, and it is disingenuous of him to criticize one of the few people who have been leading on this front. Until Mr. Kaine has a record or any proposals to point to, I would respectfully suggest that he keep his petty partisan shots to himself. Virginians expect unified actions and leadership rather than political sniping.

Ouch. Expect Senator Allen to speak out often on behalf of his good friend Jerry Kilgore. It certainly won't hurt his re-election effort next year either.


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