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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

George Allen is working hard for the '08 nomination

While the news media is busy talking about Frist's maneuvering, Hillary's moderate makeover, and guys like Biden and Romney prematurely throwing their hats in the '08 ring, Sen. Allen is busy doing the people's work. Allen's efforts may not necessarily be grabbing headlines right now, but they very well may pay off both next year and in '08.

Allen is quietly building a resume in the Senate to complement his substantial achievements as Virginia's governor. Not only will his hard work serve to keep Mark Warner out of the way next year, but it will also serve to show Republicans that while others are posturing, he's getting results. Just a few examples of Allen's efforts are his position as the lead Republican sponsor on the anti-lynching resolution and his strong support of John Bolton's nomination to the UN. Also don't ignore Allen's successful effort to protect Virginia's rights and gain an exemption from the McCain-Kennedy education bill.

Senator Allen may not be making a big splash just yet, but I am convinced that once he wins a landslide reelection to the Senate next year, he'll set about charming the heck out of Republicans in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and elsewhere. Watch out folks, he's just getting started.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

in football terms, George remembers that a good defense wins over the offense in the big games. The football
that he uses at rallies will be put to good use around the Commonwealth and the USA.

7:24 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does Charlottesville Liberal George Allen think he's trying to pull?

11:54 AM


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