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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Cline on Kelo

In today's AFP, Delegate Ben Cline offers his reaction to the recent Supreme Court case involving state rights to eminent domain. Cline rightly sees the ball as squarely in the General Assembly's court to protect the private property rights of Virginia's homeowners. He calls on his colleagues to pass legislation prohibiting public-use takings for private transfers.

I applaud Delegate Cline's strong stance and look forward to seeing how swiftly the GA will act on this in the next session.


Anonymous Rural Not Stupid said...

The same issue has come up in Va Beach years before this supreme court case. I didn't hear Thelma Drake (who has been outspoken since the ruling) or Ben Cline shouting then. It wasn't till it became a national story that either stood up.

How could Drake let this happen in her own backyard for years, and then act like she will be a leader on this issue.

Someone will take her out to the woodshed in '06

10:23 AM


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