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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Bruce Wayne (R-Gotham)?

Our buddy, John Behan links us to an interesting question, Is Batman a Republican? JB's post reminded me of a post I saw earlier this year which surmised that Superman=liberal; Batman=conservative. It's an interesting analysis.

This leads me of course to wonder about my own favorite superhero, Captain America. To me, Cap has always represented the best things about our America: intense national pride, strength, individualism, and ingenuity. To others, however, Cap represents a WASPy, jingoist, unilateral-acting, "ugly" American caricature. But truth be told, there is much about Cap that might lead one to consider him to be a liberal. First of all, like Social Security, Cap was produced by a big expensive government program that was originally created to serve a limited purpose (defeating the Nazis) but later became responsible for much more than was ever envisioned (protecting the world). In fact, one might say that young Steve Rogers was only able to achieve his dreams as a result of government assistance. Cap has also sometimes been portrayed as a peg in a larger bureaucracy, and as a consensus-building peacenik who prefers diplomacy to shows of military force. In addition, check out this National Review piece from 2003 that looks at a Captain America story arc that implied US involvement in terrorist activity and rails against the military-industrial complex.

I have trouble believing that Captain America would have voted for John Kerry, but frankly it doesn't matter. Cap should, and does to me, represent everything that America should be. To me, Cap sees what Reagan saw, a shining city on a hill. Maybe if more folks looked for the best in our nation, rather than the worst, more people would appreciate what it means to be a real-life superhero like all those men and women serving today in our armed forces.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Comic heroes aside, thank you, as we approach that important date of our national heritage, for reminding us of our sons and daughters bravely serving and representing our country in a dismal land far from home. As the Iraqi Prime Minister has poignantly expressed, we
(the USA) have given Iraq something more than money, we have given our precious children to assist that volitile place in finding a road to their own democracy. My prayer is that this priceless gift will not be in vain.

10:31 PM


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