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Friday, June 24, 2005

Billy Graham's Last Crusade

Tonight, The Rev. Bill Graham begins his last crusade in the place where it all started, New York City. The 87 year-old evangelical preacher has counseled every US President since Truman and has brought thousands of people to Christ. The New York Times goes behind the scenes of the crusade, while MSNBC gives us a history of this amazing man.

Billy Graham's contributions to this nation are immeasurable. His departure from public life will leave a great void, but his legacy will never diminish.


Blogger criticallythinking said...

I figured he wouldn't win, but Billy Graham received my votes for Greatest American on AOL.

I couldn't win an argument that he was the greatest, but I felt he deserved a lot more credit for his contributions then he seemed to be getting.

I remember going to a crusade as a child. I don't remember if I went forward, although I likely did, as did many others of faith in support of this man, his message, and those who were brought to the same faith through his sound preaching and obvious love for others.

In some ways I am glad he served when he did, and not 20 years later. I get chills of dread even contemplating what liberals would make of him and his preaching today.

No doubt the ACLU would be filing lawsuits to keep him from preaching in stadiums paid for by public funds.

No doubt that a wide cross-section of the liberal population would call him devisive, would decry his absolutist message of a single way to heaven, would denounce his lack of tolerance toward other faiths and people of no faith (this despite his overwhelming tolerance and love toward all).

I can hear Senate Democrats making speeches complaining of his close ties with a Republican president. I can see the MoveOn's and the others trying to dig up sins from his past to flog him with.

I see what those who cannot tolerate religion do to the men of the cloth today. And I am glad, and SAD in my gladness, that the Reverend Billy Graham was spared much of the evil of our modern times.

Charles R.

12:25 AM


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