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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Worst. Endorsement. Ever.

Roanoke Times:
State Sen. Russ Potts may be running for governor as an independent. But the Winchester firebrand still considers himself a Republican.

So Potts had no qualms about casting an absentee ballot in the open GOP primary for governor, even though he hopes to run against the winner this fall.
I guarantee the endorsement won't be appearing on any of the candidates webpages. I'm absolutely dumbfounded by this move. Let's assume, arguendo, that there is a problem in the Republican party, and that Russ Potts wants to speak to it. Does he really think that his endorsement carries any weight with Republican primary voters? If it's some sort of Jedi reverse psychology mindtrick, then I can't figure it out.

Of course, it could just be about Russ Potts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, let me see if I understand this correctly, according to Russ Potts...

Too Conservative.

I think I've found my ticket, thanks for the voter guide Russ.

8:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You beat me to it by one minute...

As if Baril and Connaughton being endorsed by Leftist Walter Stosch (Chichester South) wasn't enough to tip the balance, now we have this.

It is now official.

These guys know more about who these candidates are than you and me. They hear the backroom chatter, not just the empty promises on the stump.

8:49 AM

Anonymous HectorHoo said...

"backroom chatter" is a pretty funny concept. I mean, taking snippets of old quotes and republishing them out of context is one thing, and everyone beats that equine corpse, but actually imagining secret conversations is a whole nother strand of spaghetti. Both of these guys in the LG race have said enough and done enough in their time in the public eye for you to make the right call.

10:03 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Potts "endorsed" Fitch also. Rodokanakis tries to wiggle out of that one by saying that Potts simply dislikes Kilgore. Perhaps Potts dislikes Bolling and McDonnell also. It's hard to attribute profoudn ideological significance to his absentee ballot without taking down Fitch also.

Potts has made himself irrelevant. Don't let him make decisions for us on questions of liberal/conservative. Potts doesn't know. He's just wandering around in No-Man's land between the two parties hoping to pick up some plunder.

5:15 PM


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