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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Virginia NASCAR HoF bid to include $51.5m in state funding

Norm finds today's RT-D article on Richmond's bid for the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

I pointed out two weeks ago that the Richmond bid's webpage didn't explain where the money would come from. Today we learn:
Agostino said on Monday that the group hopes to have a final economic-development impact assessment within two weeks.

"We need to know if this is going to work financially," he said. "This is taxpayers' money."

He said the group is hoping for a 50/50 mix of public and private funding to support the $103 million project but said that could change. Part of those public dollars would come from the state, officials said.

"We are including a letter in our report from senators saying they support the [Hall of Fame] idea," Agostino said.

It's unclear at this time how much taxpayers would be expected to kick in, Agostino said.
Um, isn't all public money taxpayers' money? Is there really any other source? If we can get revenue from the public money fairy, then we should tap that instead of say, tax increases.

And does anyone want to guess which senators have signed the letter of support? I have a few good guesses.

As always, Norm has a way with words:
Not only no but hell no.

You want a hall of fame, you build it with private money.

Oh what am I saying? This is Henrico County...the land where the county manager threatens homeowners with higher taxes if they don't vote his way in referenda (yeah...that big money and special interest lobbying sure went over well here, didn't it?).

This is Central Virginia, where local governments fall all over themselves to hand out taxpayer money to private groups looking to build the Next Big Thing.

And this is Virginia...where pols from both sides of the aisle have allowed private groups from across the Commonwealth to weasel their way onto the public teat.


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