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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Tim Kaine thinks does not think we need new gun laws

In yesterday's news coverage of the Tim Kaine's endorsement by the UMW, there was this tidbit:
"I’m a strong believer in the Second Amendment," Kaine said when asked about gun control. "I don’t think we need any new gun laws in Virginia. We need to enforce the laws we have."
Now, it's easy to understand why Tim Kaine thinks he can get away with this type of historical revisionism. After all, he got away with it in 2001, and rode Mark Warner's coattails.

Here are the facts:

From the RT-D, 8/27/97
Councilman Timothy M. Kaine suggested that the city team up with Fairfax and Norfolk, the other major urban areas in Virginia, and push gun laws together. In addition, the council agreed to look for support from churches, businesses, banks, school, hospitals and other places outside the public
Marsh told the council it shouldn't come to the assembly looking for wide-ranging general handgun laws. Instead, he said, the city should ask for laws that "limit the places where handguns could be carried. . . . There are lots of reasons why reasonable, carefully crafted handgun legislation can be drafted."
From the RT-D 3/14/99
To force the industry to take those steps, the city lawsuits have taken two approaches. The first tack, initiated by New Orleans Mayor Marc Morial, is product liability. This type of lawsuit argues that guns are defective, not because they shoot bullets, but because manufacturers do not incorporate some type of internal locking device that would prevent anyone other than the owner from using it. Such a mechanism would prevent accidents at home, especially when a child finds a handgun, the suit argues.

The Richmond City Council has asked the city attorney's office for a report on the feasibility of such a suit, Mayor Timothy M. Kaine said. However, he and other city officials believe it would be difficult to sue gun manufacturers here.
From the RT-D, 5/23/00
Kaine, who decided to pay the expenses out of the $ 100,000 discretionary fund allotted each council member, defended his actions, saying it was very similar to lobbying the Virginia General Assembly or the U.S. Congress.

"The city spends money to lobby on police positions virtually every day," Kaine said. "There's not a single issue that we lobby on that the citizens of Richmond would unanimously agree on."

He said the city has long backed many of the measures that the Million Mom Marchers supported, especially a national "one gun a month" law. A similar law was passed in Virginia in 1993, and Kaine said the city has benefited from it.
From the RT-D, 6/15/00
Flanked by a group of gun-control activists on the steps of City Hall, Kaine said he will continue to promote what he called common-sense gun legislation.

"There is no issue in the city that is more important than gun violence," he said. "My wife said to me the other day, 'Sometimes you align yourself with an issue, and sometimes it aligns itself with you.' I can't think of an issue I'd rather be aligned with than this."

Kaine invited residents who back his position to send checks to City Hall. Any leftover funds will be sent either to the Million Mom March or used for an educational campaign on gun violence. Kaine said he plans to make a significant donation from his own pocket to the fund, and he called on his fellow City Council members, some of whom criticized his use of the discretionary fund to pay for the march expenses, to do the same.
From the RT-D, 6/15/00
Those in favor of gun control naturally see nothing untoward in the city subsidizing their cause, and Kaine defended the subsidy on the ground that Richmond always has supported stricter gun laws. Thus the debate has consisted largely of an exercise in missing the point.
So, before 2005, Tim Kaine applied his intellect, work ethic, and legal training to study the issues. He weighed them all, including education, abortion, and his long-standing opposition to the death penalty, and decided that new gun laws was the issue with which he was most aligned. It chose him.

Now, he's a "cold, dead hands" Second Amendment brother.



Anonymous Paul said...

While those quotes are very sexy, I think Kaine's transformation has occurred across the Democratic Party. Even way-left Kos over at Dailykos has given up on gun control. And it's a legit conversion...

11:42 AM

Blogger John K. said...

To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first, and call whatever you hit the target.

1:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I second john's comment.

4:11 PM

Anonymous Waldo Jaquith said...

I contribute to gun control: I keep a trigger lock on mine.

4:30 PM


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